Eye See My Beloved

This Spanish Royal owl lives in San Roque, Spain. When a brush fire destroyed his habitat in August of 2014, a month later the flower "Our Beloved Naked Ladies" bloomed for the first time in 10 years. The intense heat was needed for the bloom.

The wild life on this planet is precious to us. When tragedy hits sometimes beauty blooms.

2nd Place- Quilt Alliance- The Animals we Love

Featured on The Quilt Show


The Cycle- Hawaii

Painted & Quilted by Maria Ferri Cousins

Honorable Mention-Quilt Alliance Playing Favorites 2016 Competition

Auctioned - Sold

Auctioned-Nov 2015

Auctioned-Nov 2017

The Daily Buzz is hand painted on silk with fabric dyes and paints then thread painted,  hand  and machine embroidered.  The center of the flower is all hand done with French knots. The bee, butterfly, wasp and ant were first free -motion machine embroidered and then machine appliquéd on the quilt.  The actual voices of the critters are told in Morse code on the radio waves in the background of the sky.  The Title of the quilt is also on the back in Braille where the bee and the butterfly are reading with their hands.  Try to decipher the message on your own with the tables shown on the quilt label.  
All critters have black beaded eyes.  The flower petals and the leaves were thread painted and machine embroidered, then double layered for texture and dimension.  The boarder was made from left over silk embroidered upholstery fabric embroidered over and attached using a quilt-as-you-go technique.

The Herdwick Ram -  Placed 1st ELIQG -  Duet Small -Peconic 2015 Show

The Cycle- Long Island

First place Long Island Quilter's Society Art Quilts 2016

National Association of Certified Quilt Judges Award of Merit 2016

Quilt and Sewing Fest Of New Jersey Northeast Quilt Competition- Honorable Mention - March 2016

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The Cycle


Eye See My Beloved

The Cycle
By Maria Ferri
A faded rainbow melts into a bluing sky,

slowly drifting out, absorbing masses of  numerous gases.

Accumulating vapors  gray and whitish build upon the colored specks.

Then growing pains and whirls ascending blast upon a wilderness

of particles and water vapors splashing lightly within the crest

of the sun’s reflection onovercast. 




 masses hitting other masses.

  Rumbling echoes sounds around them

creating turbulence obscured then smothered. 

The fighting stops.

The loser falls